The NDA Roundtable: Bringing full automation to DOOH

Programmatic has been the main way for the industry to trade digital advertising for a number of years. Despite this, digital Out of Home (DOOH) is one area where automation hasn’t yet caught on across the board (excuse the pun). But this is all starting to change.

To discuss the changing landscape of DOOH, New Digital Age teamed up with Sage+Archer to host a roundtable and gather the thoughts of some industry experts.

We heard insights from Ryan Rummery, Commercial DAX Director at Global; Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic at Kinetic; Paul Barnard, Managing Director at Regital; Kate Williams, Senior Media Planner at Jellyfish; Ben Wilkins, Product Director at Skyrise Intelligence; James Trott, Head of Strategy & Product at Matterkind; and Diederick Ubels, Co-founder and CEO at Sage+Archer.

Read the full story here.

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