Skyrise x Hawk Partnership Interview

When two services collaborate the great news for the client is that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. 

For advertisers, the partnership between audience data specialists Skyrise and media and insights platform Hawk is a great example, recently strengthened with their CTV offering announcement

In a recent interview between Hawk Commercial Director Shanil Chande and Skyrise Board Director Jonny Whitehead, the two explain the value the two services working together offers clients including sharing their collective CTV expertise, solving the cookieless challenge, how to successfully activate and measure multi-channel campaigns and the future for privacy-first audience targeting.

Jonny Whitehead, Skyrise and Shanil Chande, Hawk discuss all things CTV and much more

Efficient audience targeting

Shanil: We’re really excited to be the first DSP in market to adopt Skyrise’s data across CTV in a very seamless manner. 

It will allow us to bring far more efficiency to our targeting across the channel and really push forward with making those plans and activations as efficient as they can be for the advertisers and brands that we work with. 

The rise of CTV

Jonny: Broadly there’s been a huge shift towards video formats from advertisers over the past few years across all platforms because of the attention metrics it delivers and because of the end results that they see as well. 

That’s coincided with a development of the technology behind CTV and also the amount of inventory that’s available to be bought programmatically and therefore in our ability to add data on top of it. 

Skyrise allows us to use one single data source across CTV and also any other channels that an advertiser might be using and Hawk’s platform is superb at allowing that to be done in a really seamless manner, it’s one of the reasons why our partnership is so strong.

Shanil: We’ve really seen in the last year or so that CTV is rising in prominence and importance in most of the media plans we see come to us from the agencies…

so historically we’ve seen the trends from the US, the fact that CTV has been incredibly strong there but the TV market in the US is very, very different to what we have in the UK. 

I think really over the last year or so is when we’ve seen that hunger from brands and agencies to really start adopting it in quite a big way over here in the UK and as it starts to rise to prominence things like data, things like measurement, things like attribution are going to become more and more important and that’s why I think that this partnership with Skyrise is so, so key at this time.

Cookieless Solution

Jonny: That’s a great point about measurement, obviously the measurement in digital channels is changing because of cookie deprecation so advertisers are looking for new ways of understanding the effectiveness of their activity.

…the measurement in digital channels is changing because of cookie deprecation so advertisers are looking for new ways of understanding the effectiveness of their activity.

But it’s not just about cookies it’s also because there’s these new channels that have never had cookies available so CTV and OOH and Skyrise offers a platform to be able to understand the effectiveness of your media particularly when all channels are used in conjunction, again another reason to use a platform which ties all those things together. 

Shanil: Absolutely, that’s been a huge part of our learning and evolution over the last couple of 3-4 years, the fact that we’ve been an entirely cookieless platform from day one has allowed us to transition into all these other channels which in their very heart are cookieless platforms or cookieless channels as well and the data that we have available now in the market with partners like yourselves are really driving that forward.

Market Share vs Competitors

Jonny: And there are views of the market that we have been able to apply to campaigns that haven’t previously been available so things like understanding a client’s market share vs their competitor set and how that’s changing over time. That is something that our clients are finding extremely valuable and leaning in towards and using all the channels, including CTV to drive that change and measure it as their campaigns progress.

Shanil: We’ve seen exactly the same thing, looking at where those over-indexes are, how those markets are shifting over time, actioning those insights into activation, again provides that seamless transition from planning right through to activation which again traditionally has been there, but maybe not on the scale that we now have via the Skyrise dataset given how many profiles there are actually available to measure it gives us a really scalable solution to be able to do that. 

So we’re not using a portion of a few thousand users or households to be able to plan that, we’re using millions and millions of profiles of users to be able to do that in a privacy compliant way and to be able to activate that in a very scalable way as well. 

Privacy First

Jonny: At Skyrise we’re able to use any set of digital behaviours to build audiences in a completely privacy-first manner and map them to residential locations. And of course CTV is a residentially consumed media which is why it’s such a great home for our data as a channel. 

Shanil: Absolutely, privacy is so important at the moment, all of the channels that we’re operating we’re getting asked those questions more and more.

That’s one of the key reasons that we sought to partner with Skyrise, a good 18 months, 2 years ago, was because of that privacy first approach. 

Single Source of Data

The fact that it is entirely cookieless, the fact that privacy is at the heart of the dataset itself, the ability to lay that data onto CTV but not just CTV but twin that with other channels as well gives us that single source of data across multiple channels, mobile, audio, digital OOH, CTV and in game to allow us to target more seamlessly and essentially make our media plans as efficient as possible using that same currency of data and that same source of data whereas previously you might have had to use one set of data for OOH, one set of data for mobile, one set of data one CTV. 

Being able to use those same identifiers across all of it basically allows us to plan and activate far more efficiently. 

From Planning to Measurement

Jonny: From a planning perspective our data is allowing for a seamless execution and journey from the planning stage, through to activation and through to measurement…

which has been something that’s been easier to achieve in digital channels than it has been in traditionally offline channels like CTV and OOH.

So we’ve seen some fantastic results from clients that have ecommerce presences, so apps and sites where we can pick out signals in our data, and we can track performance of those entities over time, particularly where they’re using a multi-channel approach because it makes it easier to measure. 

But we’ve also seen some fantastic results in FMCG brands, luxury clients as well, not only with regard to brand uplift studies that have been measured through third party partners but then also actual sales results as well through measurement partners like IRi.

Multi-channel data for any brand

Shanil: Whether you’re a luxury fashion brand or like you said there, FMCG, there really is something in the dataset for every single advertiser that’s out there.

And being able to apply that through multiple channels on a plan makes the data really powerful and scalable. The usage of that data differs by the sector but the results that we’re seeing so far have been fantastic.

Jonny: Some of our most successful clients have benefited from the ability of this kind of more holistic, geo-spatial data to lift them out of a cookie-based attribution model – using post-view impressions, cookie metrics which have previously restricted to not only certain channels where those technologies exist but also things like certain browsers and inventory types and that kind of thing. 

Behaviour Change

What they’re able to do now, and certainly when they’re using platforms like Hawk where they can start to operationalise across multiple channels more easily, is actually focus on the channels and the formats that are best at driving behaviour change. That tends to be bigger ads, premium environments, trusted inventory but also backed up with data as well. 

Seamless Activation

Shanil: From an activation standpoint I think it makes things far more seamless when it comes to activating a campaign on CTV using the dataset. 

Previously the datasets that we’ve had available to us have been quite static in the fact that we’ve had to generate those insights and then push them into activation in quite a manual way. 

Dynamic Data

Whereas there’s a real differentiation point with this partnership that we now have is that the data is dynamic, it’s constantly evolving, so if areas change in time, if over-indexes change in time, or if we see the fact that brand penetration is changing that is then seamlessly fed into our platform in real-time and our platform can then start targeting those areas using that data in real time..

….so it’s bringing that real time data which has formerly been static and not so real time, into a channel that is crying out for more data and more efficient targeting so that’s why we’re really excited by this partnership. 

An Exciting Future for Clients

Jonny: So we’re seeing great traction with the partnership between Skyrise and Hawk, across all channels, CTV is just a kind of latest addition to that. We’re really excited to see how this partnership evolves over time and we’re super excited to be able to share some great results and case studies with our agency partners as well.

Shanil: Absolutely if you look at the way our partnership has evolved even over the last year and a half that we’ve been working together, really excited to see where it can go in the future. 

I know that Skyrise are working on some very exciting new products that they’re bringing to the market, the same with Hawk, Hawk is not the same as what it was four years ago through the speed of evolution of our platform, it’s one of the fastest in market, so the two companies working together in a very close manner will allow us to continue to keep evolving and continue pushing the boundaries, and continue bringing massive efficiencies to the clients that we work with together.

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