Skyrise Intelligence and Adsquare Partnership


New partnership allows for better performing campaigns in a privacy-first world

Skyrise Intelligence and Adsquare announced their data partnership in the UK, enabling businesses to leverage mobile phone data for more effective geo-contextual mobile and out-of-home campaigns.

Skyrise Intelligence provides sustainable audience targeting solutions informed by mobile network data. Working in exclusive partnership with one of the UK’s major network operators, Skyrise has an unrivalled view of consumer and market behaviours, based on up to the minute and historical signals across a 20 million strong dataset. With a uniquely connected view of digital web and app consumption joined to location and movement patterns, Skyrise enables advertisers to target bespoke audiences in multiple geo-contexts from residential to in-motion without any reliance on cookies or other individual identifiers.

Adsquare’s technology enriches mobile devices’ or DOOH screens’ geo-locations with spatial data in real-time, with lat/long geo-locations sent in the bid request by the supply side. Thanks to this partnership, Adsquare can overlay this information with historic crowd movement data from Skyrise Intelligence and transform it into actionable insights on its Audience Management Platform for Geo-Contextual Targeting and on its Out-of-Home Planning and Activation Platform for programmatic DOOH campaigns. These insights, revealing real and digital world behaviours, can be easily activated via Adsquare´s API integrations with all world leading DSPs. Finally, advertisers can target the right local context in a streamlined way and without relying on cookies, Mobile Advertising IDs, or other PII identifiers; a key requisite in today’s privacy-first world.

”Our partnership with Adsquare will enable brands and agencies to activate bespoke telco-powered segments with ease, across multiple geo-contexts, platforms and channels. As we enter a new privacy era, location intelligence is set to take on increased relevance for all marketers, and we’re excited to make available our most advanced audience concepts using Adsquare’s market leading platform.” said Ben Wilkins, Director at Skyrise Intelligence.

Tom Laband, CEO & Co-Founder of Adsquare, says: “We’re excited to work with Skyrise Intelligence. Our partnership provides advertisers with a solution that fits their specific needs, powered by premium and privacy-first data. Advertisers can maximize the value of their campaigns by understanding and predicting behavioural trends and with the certainty that they are being acted in respect of the strictest privacy policies.”


About Adsquare

Adsquare empowers companies to supercharge their campaigns by staying at the forefront of data-driven marketing in the new era of consumer privacy. An award winning, global company that uses cutting edge audience and location data to offer a broad range of intelligent data solutions that deliver better performing campaigns and help to accelerate business growth.

Founded in 2012 by the pioneers of data-driven advertising, Adsquare offers a self-service platform which is integrated with market-leading DSPs, DMPs and SSPs in 40 countries. More than 1.800 brand advertisers, media agencies and Out-of-Home operators are relying on Adsquare for precise Audience Targeting, Proximity Targeting, Footfall Measurement or OOH Planning and Activation.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Adsquare has 10 global offices across USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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