Rock Face sees sales climb with Skyrise data

Men’s skincare brand Rock Face recently recruited BBJ&K and programmatic marketing specialist Regital to support the launch of their pioneering new range. The client wanted to grow brand awareness, drive footfall through stores in order for consumers to trial and repeat purchase.

Skyrise built a target audience based on male users of competitor sites located in chosen postcode sectors to precisely identify the content and channels Rock Face’s audience consumed and inform their agency’s chosen inventory, ensuring the best possible results.

Activating the campaign through DOOH, display advertising and YouTube and running strong test vs control locations, Rock Face commissioned IRi to measure the results. According to IRi Sales Uplift studies, the campaign saw a 13% sales uplift over and above the controls vs the 7.5% product benchmark and a 2.8% category benchmark.

“A 4x uplift on IRi’s benchmark is evidence that using Skyrise data coupled with IRi was the best way to precisely reach the target audience and deliver significant results for Rock Face.” Connor Hassall, BBJ&K

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