Analysing Roaming Data for Travel Marketing

In this week’s insight video, Skyrise Intelligence CEO Alex Petrie gives an overview of how by analysing roaming data we are able to build an audience based on previous holiday destinations or frequency of travel.

This week our clients loved….that we can look back at 18months of roaming data. We leverage this to build audiences that underpin their activation strategies across campaigns.

The travel industry is in a state of flux. With an unrivalled view of user behaviour, Skyrise Intelligence is helping clients in the travel sector navigate these changes, putting them ahead of the competition.

Changing times. Changing technology.

Planners can no longer rely on the same tools as competitors to build out travel campaigns. We’re providing travel clients with rich data insight into customer demography and wider digital behaviour.

Roaming data intelligence

Using roaming data looking back 18 months, we see all movement between airports, tracked by day and hour. We build profiles of users based on their holiday destinations and frequency of travel. We then overlay demographics, web and app usage to drill into the specific needs of a travel industry client.


Skyrise identifies the residential locations in which our audience have the highest concentration. This is activated at a postcode or lat long level, by hour, and by day. With a complete view of their digital behaviour, we build out cross-channel strategies that are truly led by data, bespoke to the needs of the client.

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