Tackling a Rugby audience for London Irish

With the 6 nations rugby tournament heading towards a finally balanced conclusion, and St Patrick’s Day events taking place for the first time in two years, it seems pertinent to let you know about a recent campaign that used our audience data for London Irish RFC.

How Skyrise tackled a Rugby audience

London Irish was looking to increase ticket sales ahead of the biggest game of the season in the Gallagher Premiership against Northampton. Working with agency partner BBJK our analysts built a bespoke audience by analysing rugby fans within the clubs ticket catchment area. Skyrise was then able to identify the top decile of areas where the audience indexes the highest. 

With a complete view of the rugby fan audience’s digital behaviour we were able to inform the agency partner with the sites and apps they visit, and the times at which they do so. This data was then matched to the top 1,000 publishers that can run programmatic activity to output a combination of high indexing and high volume sites, and the best times at which to run activity on them to reach the audience.

Appear above the noise of the rugby crowd

Skyrise can not only identify which media an audience is likely to consume over the general population, but it can also help direct exactly what publishers this entails. In this instance, the client used audio to appear above the noise throughout the day. By outputting Skyrise data per time of day, they were able to identify the most effective publishers at pivotal moments to activate audio advertising. 

Why Skyrise?

Mobile network data is unmatched in describing consumer behaviour, and with a vast dataset of 20m+ UK adults, Skyrise can help you understand your target audiences’ actual behaviours – their media habits, the channels and brands they love, where they are and when – and buy your media based on smarter knowledge. 

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