New Audience Insight from Skyrise

Skyrise helps advertisers understand and reach their audience using mobile network data.

Mobile network data allows us to analyse groups, not individuals, so we can see the trends in location and digital behaviour of over 20m UK adults. With this we can produce powerful visual insights, accessible to clients on our Audience Viewer platform.

Recently we’ve released powerful new visuals which share what your audience looks like, where your audience live, which channels and media they prefer and passenger volumes and behaviours – ideal for travel, accommodation tourism and hospitality.

Clients can build bespoke audiences to inform their media planning and activate all media channels from a single source, without requiring cookies or other legacy technology.

Crucially, Skyrise’s viewer audience build data one step further allowing advertisers to apply the business strategy of their campaign to the data, such as tapping into growth trends, evaluating the audience landscape to tap into the competition, defending their market share and developing into new markets.

How would your audience look? Get in touch using the form below to include Skyrise insights in your next pitch.

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