ExchangeWire: the7stars sees client base Skyrise with privacy-first data

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The UK’s largest independent media agency, the7stars, has revealed how it is using mobile phone data from Skyrise to win new business based on being transparent, open and privacy-first.

Using Skyrise’s unique data set based on 20 million mobile phone users, the agency is helping clients make more informed decisions about media and marketing strategy, even before they have received a brief.

As an enterprise partner of Skyrise, the agency is able to access rich insights on aggregated and anonymised population movement along with audience profiles and preferences. This allows the agency to understand an advertiser’s audience without using cookies or any personal identifiers. 

The agency has developed client-specific solutions on top of the data set, engineering a bespoke industry-first solution which allows automation from Skyrise data into their demand-side platform (DSP), the Trade Desk.   

Speaking about their data partnership Rhys Williams, Tech and Activation Lead at the7stars, said

“Skyrise has definitely helped us win new business. We use the data and insight to superpower our approach and our strategy ahead of the pitch and hit the ground running.”

“We’ve seen the surprise with clients when we show them we know more about their customers than they do in the first meeting. In lots of organisations, first-party client data is often buried within databases or is decentralised.

For us to be able to come along and show them, this is actually the people who are buying your products and to show them those behaviours that exist around it, you sit there open-mouthed a little bit the first time you see it”.

Skyrise works in exclusive partnership with one of the UK’s major network operators to give an unrivalled view of consumer and market behaviours, based on verified, agile and aggregated audience data and historical signals across a 20 million strong dataset.

The announcement from the7stars comes ahead of Skyrise launching a new viewer interface which allows advertisers to understand more about the sector they operate in and their competitors in late 2022. Jonny Whitehead, Director at Skyrise, said 

“The relationship with the7stars shows the way digital advertising is evolving beyond the cookie. Advertisers want transparency and data sets that are privacy-first, but that doesn’t mean they need to be less effective.

As an industry, a lot of the main players have been guilty of sitting on their hands waiting for someone else to solve the problem, whether that be Google, Apple or another tech monolith. It’s great for us, and for the advertising industry as a whole, to see an agency like the7stars really forging their own path and coming up with their own solutions. It’s fantastic that they are seeing such positive results and we’re really happy to be a part of that journey.”

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