Rock Face

How Rock Face cleaned up with 13% sales uplift

Skincare brand Rock Face wanted to grow brand awareness, drive footfall in-store to encourage new consumers to trial and then to repeat purchase.

Their agency BBJ&K brought Skyrise onboard to build a target audience comprising male users of stores already distributing men’s skincare brands including supermarkets, chemists and home stores in their target postcode locations.

Skyrise data gave Rock Face the fresh, up-to-date insight into it’s target audiences actual digital behaviours using the data signals from the mobile devices of over 20m UK adults, allowing their agency to make trusted decisions with their media buying.

Not only valuable for campaign media planning, Skyrise data can also be activated against. ideal for omni-channel campaigns like Rock Face which included Display, DOOH and YouTube.

Where Skyrise data really excels is when clients use the insight to serve data-driven creative, knowing they are reaching their audience at numerous points throughout the day when they’re active with relevant, targeted messaging.

Rock Face ran the campaign across 160 test stores, vs 160 control stores and brought in IRi to measure the sales results post-campaign.

The campaign delivered 13% sales uplift vs 2.8% IRi category benchmark (and vs 7% product benchmark) over and above controls.

“A 4x sales uplift on IRi’s benchmark is evidence that using Skyrise data coupled with IRi was the best way to reach the target audience and deliver significant results for Rock Face.”
Connor Hassall, BBJ&K


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