How Easee plugged Skyrise data in to power their OOH campaign

Targeted Out of Home Challenge

With EV being a fast-growing, but still limited sector, OOH planning and buying specialist evolve OOH, and media agency AIP knew that a targeted DOOH solution was required; and that’s where Skyrise came in. 

How Easee plugged Skyrise data in to power their OOH campaign


Identifying behaviours and locations

Using our vast mobile behavioural databank of 20m+ UK adults, Skyrise were able to identify and analyse the behaviours of ‘in market’ audiences by selecting those browsing and using relevant apps (EV related products as well as competitor sites/apps). 

Maximising display

With this Evolve gathered location hot spots of where these genuine potential customers went in the real world, so they could supercharge these location insights through their OOH planning optimisation platform, maximising Easee’s display to key consumers and driving ROI for the client.

Evolve OOH’s Dan Carey said:

“As a new disruptor in the EV charging market, Easee needed a focused, impactful and measurable way of targeting the growing EV audience in key postcodes throughout the capital. For us at Evolve OOH, who put behavioural data at the heart of what we do, our Skyrise partnership was an essential component in delivering a successful DOOH campaign for the brand.”

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