Avanti West Coast

Learn how Skyrise helped Avanti West Coast get back on track post-Covid

As train travel resumed post-Covid, Avanti West Coast’s focus was to grow and reassure the public that it was safe to travel once more. Their messaging needed to emphasise Avanti’s dedication to cleaning their trains thoroughly and they wanted to run a series of strategies aimed at specific target audiences.

Skyrise’s use of mobile network data meant Avanti could understand which customers were leisure vs commuters based on the time of day and day of week users visited train travel websites, identifying an audience most likely to travel again. Skyrise could also overlay locations specific to Avanti train routes, enabling the brand to target the right audience at the right time of day.

“Activating Skyrise data enabled Avanti West Coast to buy media to target consumers smartly with appropriate strategies. We were delighted it resulted in improved response rates at such a sensitive time.”

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