We harness the power of mobile phone data to improve marketing effectiveness.

Supercharge your decision making

Understand Complex Audiences

We create high quality audiences, based on real and digital world behaviours.

Optimise your entire media plan

Our technology pinpoints precisely when and where to reach your target audience.

Prepare for a cookie-less future

Privacy & legality guaranteed, our platform offer marketers a new way forward.

Skyrise Intelligence is a next generation media planning tool, unlike anything else in market harnessing the power of mobile phone data.

Truly privacy first, we have no reliance on cookies, MAIDs or other PII identifiers. Our data science team work with the UK's largest telco's to define web and app usage plus monitor location and movement data across an audience of 30 million+ every minute, every day. Audience profiling is done behind the firewall of the mobile network operator before being aggregated into time and location clusters in a privacy and legally compliant manner.

We Bring Data to Life


When we create an audience, we can analyse and present demography, market share, publisher engagement & more.

Brand Grid

The data reveals previously unseen online behaviours of the audience.

Out of Home

We understand location - dynamic locations of audience in space & time.

Out of Home Sites

We can map our data to any OOH provider to enable efficient targeting.

Targeting - Residency

Explore our residential clusters and understand audience penetration.

Targeting - Residency

Effectively and simply create a targeting plan for your audience

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“Skyrise Intelligence have developed the next generation media planning tool enabling businesses to understand up to the minute consumer behaviour and apply it to their marketing in real time.”

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